The last day of summer. In October


smile in an octagon

My lovely Fred Perry Larks Linen Canvas & Leather Shoes


Shirt: just a plain black one I found in the closet; Skirt: Boysen’s Casual; Vintage leather belt; Glasses: 10$ almost “RayBan”s; Bracelet:  Biju Vazaro


sun rays


African Watusi


Zebras or as I call them donkeys in pajamas 🙂

It’s the 26th of October and it’s still sunny a rather warm! So me and my friend and colleague Petya decided to have our lunch brake at the zoo that’s practically 50 meters from our office. We found a nice gazebo where we could eat our sandwiches and watch the nearby animals. Petya loves shooting pictures of me or, if I have to be honest, I made her do it, but I’m very happy with the end product. And I’m glad I had one more chance to wear one of my favorite pairs of shoes this summer 🙂


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