Cupcakes and a man’s shirt

The man’s shirt top

Loving the front

The accessories: vintage turquoise leather belt, hand made purple textile bracelet, white leather bracelet from Biju Vazaro

Going for the back

blues and tattoos

The cupcake coffee cup

A fancy take on the milkmaid braid

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses 🙂

I was looking through my photos from the past few months and decided to post these as I love the outfit. Earlier this year I found a tutorial on how to wear a man’s shirt in different ways. As I enjoy a good challenge, I tried all of them. If you like the idea I would recommend finding a big shirt, especially if you try the skirt or the dress. The top I’m wearing is done with one of my dad’s shirts and is my improvisation. I just switched the front with the back, I’ve put on a belt and adjusted it to my liking. I’m also wearing one of my favorite pairs of jeans which I found at a vintage store in Varna, a cute pair of blue heels and a hairstyle that completes the look.

You can see the tutorial of the different ways you can wear a man’s shirt here:

Doing the hairstyle is pretty easy: Divide your hair in two sections. Tease the upper one and pin at the back. Divide the remaining section in two parts and braid each one of them. Pull each braid to the opposite side of your head and secure with bobby pins. You can tuck the ends underneath each braid. Finish with hair spray and you’re done!


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