The Three Musketeers or how technology drives a script

The Three Musketeers

Last night I was channel-surfing and ended up watching the The three musketeers. I didn’t have high expectations but I still managed to be disappointed. Except for the great costumes and filming locations it didn’t do anything for me. The cast was promising and almost all of the actors resembled my idea of the heroes. However, the script was so terrible even Christoph Waltz couldn’t shine. I didn’t get to know the musketeers or any other character for that matter. The movie manipulates the rules of physics and the sense of logic so you end up feeling a little bit like an idiot.

I believe that screen adaptations ask for changes to the original material, but here the alterations are so radical they shouldn’t have bothered to call it „The Three Musketeers”.  And it’s too bad because it had all the elements needed for an awesome movie: good cast, fantastic locations and a great novel for basis. They just messed around too much and let technology and money drive the movie. You shouldn’t try to improve a great story, not even with air ships and a half-naked Milla Jovovich. You’ll only end up making a mess. Or The Three Musketeers.


2 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers or how technology drives a script

  1. It’s a mess of a movie, but yet, it is still fun to watch and definitely had me entertained for the most-part. Still, that Logan Lerman kid really annoyed the hell out of me and just made me wish somebody would get up, and kill him off quicker and sooner. Good review.


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