The schemes in politics – The 500 book review

I’ve always liked a good political thriller and John Grisham is a personal favorite. So when I read the back cover of ” The 500″ and it said that it calls to mind “The Firm” I was intrigued and excited. And the book didn’t disappoint.

Matthew Quirk describes the manipulations in Washington through the eyes of the young and overambitious Mike Ford.

Mike grew up in a world of scams and frauds but his accomplishments in college and law school are the way out, the ticket to success. He joins the Davies Group, the most influential consulting company in D.C. He becomes the rising star as he mingles with the 500 men and women who really run the capitol, and the world. But no sooner than later, Mike is swept into a deadly game of power. He learns that ” Every man has a price” and the higher the rise, the harder and more lethal will be the fall.

Matthew Quirk combines the best elements of action and intrigue and delivers a great heart-pounding fast-paced debut novel. I highly recommend it!


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