It has finally come to an end. The Twilight Saga: Braking dawn part 2

It’s been on screen for a week now and maybe there isn’t a person who haven’t seen the trailer, read at least one review or read the books, so my post won’t be a great revelation. However, I saw it yesterday and I would like to ramble on a little bit. So bear with me, please.

I’ve never loved any of the Twilight movies. They are ok but there always were many things missing and this one isn’t an exception. It was slow paced, some of the acting was far off, the music wasn’t helping the monotony and the CGI was pretty bad. I mean Renesmee was supposed to be exquisite but instead most of the time she was downright creepy.

That said, there were some highlights that I actually appreciated. I few laughs here and there, a few new  characters that I liked, especially Garrett (Lee Pace), Taylor Lautner’s aversion to shirts (hey, I’m a girl, it’s natural) and finally real emotions from Kristen Stewart mostly in her early “newborn” moments. The cool fight scene near the end was refreshing and somewhat satisfactory. The Cullens gather a team of vampires to stand on their side against the Volturi. This leads to a battle with many surprises and shocking twists that I actually enjoyed. It kind of made the movie worth seeing.

In my humble opinion, fans of the series and single teenage girls will love the final installment as it has the core elements of the other movies that made the series so popular. I would just advise girls not to make your boyfriends endure it unless they have a great sense of humor and at least one more guy for moral support:)


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