My movies of 2012

I have to admit that in the past year I didn’t spend as much time on new movies as I wanted. I saw some of the most talked about ones but I still have a lot on my to-watch list. That is why I decided to share the 2012 movies that I liked most and the ones that I most want to see.

Best I’ve seen so far

The Dark Knight Rises

the dark knight

The third, most anticipated and maybe final movie of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was awesome and absolutely satisfying.  The examination of society’s faults like bureaucracy and the corruption of law and order, and most of all the exploration of human nature continues.  In such a world the only thing that can bring change is a hero…



This set in the future time-traveling movie had quite an interesting concept. And the best thing is it was much better than I expected. Looper provided an unpredictable story, a great amount of twists and thrills, intrigue and strong performances.

The Avengers

the avengers

There hasn’t been a movie as boisterously entertaining as The Avengers since the first Iron Man. It was a remarkably funny, action-filled, exciting and well-executed film with awesome cast that had great chemistry. Can’t wait for the next super-hero movie!

The Hunger Games

hunger games

Although the movie was unlike the book in some ways, I loved it. The concept, yet already expolred in films like Battle Royale and The Running man , is brutal, unnerving but still interesting. Good acting, a good story and a good outcome. I look forward to seeing the rest of the movies of this series.

The Amazing Spider-Man

amazing spiderman

I liked the other 3 Spiderman movies but they concentrated way too much on the love story. I’m glad they decided to start over fresh with Spidey.  Peter’s change from nerd to hero was wonderfully handeled, the characters were fantastic and fight scenes very cool, especially the one in the school. The Amazing Spider-man was truly amazing!

Please bear with me and my geekiness, but as I was writing this post I realized there are way too many movies I want to see, so I’ll post the Best to see list tomorrow. Untill then, I would love to know which are your favorite movies of 2012 🙂


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