My upgraded homemade Tiramisu cake

My friend Petya just got 25 on Monday and I made her this cake I love. It’s easy, no baking, and it’s super tasty. So here is the recipe:

First, separate the egg yolks from the whites in two large bowls. Beat the egg yolk with a mixer, adding three tablespoons sugar and 20 grams butter little by little. Do this until you don’t feel the sugar crunching in the mix. and remember to mix only in one direction. Otherwise, you risk ruining the cream.

Picture 996

Next, put the cream in a large bowl and start beating with the mixer. Add six tablespoons of sugar bit by bit. It’s ready when the sugar stops crunching.

Picture 997

Now it’s time for the egg whites. Beat them with the mixer, using one direction again. Do this until they start becoming fluffy and add three tablespoons sugar bit by bit. At the end you shouldn’t feel the sugar crunching and the mix should be fluffy and stiff and the same time. Maybe this doesn’t sound very clear, but here is how it’s supposed to look:

Picture 998

Now put the three mixes together in one bowl and stir them manually. Don’t worry if the end product isn’t fully homogenous. When you put it in the fridge it will get to the desired state 🙂

Picture 999

Get the first layer and sprinkle 1/3 of the coffee on it. Then add 8-9 tablespoons of the cream mix and spread it evenly. Sprinkle with some chopped walnuts.

Picture 1000

Repeat with the next layer. With the last one spread the coffee and mixture that’s left.

Picture 1002

Powder evenly the cocoa and put it in the fridge for at least 2,5 hours. I prefer to make it in the evening and leave it for the night. But if you can’t stand it feel free to dig in earlier 🙂 Bon apetit!


Picture 991


3 eggs with room temperature

500 gr cooking cream

3 cocoa cake layers

12 tablespoons sugar

20 gr butter

1 espresso

2 tablespoons cocoa

50 gr chopped walnuts



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