R’ha by Kaleb Lechowski: a rocking Sci-fi short

This amazing short is a fully computer animated film that you won’t believe was made by a 22-year-old student. Sci-fi is one of the most expensive and hard film genre. A big budget and a lot of people working on the production is a must. But not in this case!

Lechowski studies at the Berlin Mediadesign Hochschule and R’ha is his second big project and his first animated 3D short.  He is a big sci-fi fan and the inspiration of movies like The Matrix and video games like Half-life can be seen in his work . Apart from the great story that left me wanting more and the amazing shots, I was stunned that the film was done by one person.  It appears that I wasn’t the only one impressed, because it’s quickly gathering views on Youtube. But most importantly, it’s already attracted the attention of Hollywood executives. I hope Lechowski receives a green light on his project, because a full-length R’ha movie will be something a sci-fi geek fan definitely should look forward to!



15 thoughts on “R’ha by Kaleb Lechowski: a rocking Sci-fi short

  1. Man, that is really cool. Very impressive work. and, like you, I wanted to see more. I hope that Lechowski meets with all sorts of success because he is talented! Good animation and story to go along with. Thanks for sharing this cool find and the info about it!


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