Update on the apartment

The past days I’ve been super busy with work and the apartment. I thank God for my friends, I don’t know how I would’ve started moving out if it wasn’t for them. We picked the colors and started painting. I’ve never done any renovation works untill now. We are getting better and better at it. We even joked about opening a painting business if nothing good becomes of us 😀 I think we’ll be a blast – 3 girls doing renovations! It’s lots of fun and, although I feel like I need at least 4 days of sleep, it’s very fulfilling. The bedroom and the living room are ready. I just have to figure out what to do with the floors.


Okay, so I took this pictures yesterday evening after we finished painting. It was midnight and I took them with my phone, so sorry for the bad quality, but I wanted to share. Next time I promise the photos, and the apartment, will look better 🙂



Living room

Living room

Egg-shell and dark turquoise

Egg-shell and dark turquoise


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