When you know the music is good

My best friend first introduced me to Florence and the Machine a few years ago. As a true music lover  I was instantly mesmerised by Florence Welch’s ethereal voice and the epicness of the whole sound. There is rarely a band or a musician that I love everything about. Like U2 or Kings of Leon, the Who or Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or Muse, Queen or Sade. All these have the same effect on me:

And here are all time favorites by Florence and the Machine:

And bonus: the collaboration between Florence Welch and Calvin Harris


13 thoughts on “When you know the music is good

  1. HUGE fan of florence and the machine! i love discovering new music, and also love how favorites songs/bands from years ago can instantly transport you to a memory.


    • I don’t know if there can exist a person that doesn’t like Florence 🙂 I know what you mean. Music is such a big part of my life that I have so many little things connected to so many songs. Like something someone said or a particular moment, or even a smell.


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