A Red Hot Friday

Staying home for the past week has been a big pain in the ass. I hate being idle and I kind of ran out of things to do. So, as a new friend of mine advised, I decided to tell you what I would do if I was feeling ok. Just a recount of a usual Friday night out. I’d get my hair done, put on my favorite jacket and go out. It’s getting chilly in the evenings but I wouldn’t mind the breeze in my face after spending the week in the office. I’d go to my friend’s house, have a drink or two and catch upon what the girls have been doing. We’ll laugh a lot. That’s our thing. Then we’ll catch a cab to a nice bar. The taxi will be small and smelling funky but we will try to ignore it, maybe joke a little with the unlucky one that will sit by the driver. Then we’ll listen to some Red Hot Chili Peppers and freeze ourselves because we’d have to go outside for a smoke.

That's my cousin on the poster, by the way :)

That’s my cousin on the poster, by the way 🙂

We’ll dance a lot, maybe go somewhere else for more drinks, more dance and most of all more laughs. I’m sure someone will get hungry and we’d have to go to some of the few 24/7 restaurants in the city center. We’ll most definitely get on the nerves of the waiter but he’ll just smile and leave us to giggle as much as we want. Then we’ll have to repeat the whole cab experience but after the drinks it will be absolutely hilarious. I’ll come home, take a shower and open a book…

6 thoughts on “A Red Hot Friday

  1. I’ll bookmark this page. If ever under the weather, I can read this, smile…perhaps drag myself out of bed, get in my jacket, step out, live each moment as told by my unwell friend, just as it should be. Are you ready or should I find your jacket?


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