Cartoon animals


Riding an elephant
is totally irrelevant,
because a penguin
will look good in sequin!
But if you want a rabbit
you would have to grab it.
The little mouse
will eat your house,
unless you’re free
just like a bee 🙂






41 thoughts on “Cartoon animals

  1. That is possibly the cutest-est honey bee i’ll ever seen..!! 😀
    Look at those cheeks..! This lil one’s been dodging the gym for quite sometime it seems..!


      • heyyy..!! What happened to sofia in sepia?! :O
        I cycled for 24Kms.. both days combined..! \m/
        Speaking of chocolates.. have you tried any by the House of Fraser? 😀


      • I took some pics today as I spent few hours in the park. I’ll continue with the assignment during the week. There are so many great places I could feature 🙂
        24 km????You’re a machine! And yes, I think I’ve tried them when I was in the UK. But I was indulging in a large milka yesterday 🙂


      • Oh oh your on it..! Thats good..! 🙂 *Still Eager*

        I don’t like Milk chocolates.. :-/ Not at all.. infact my love for chocolates in general is waning.. not sure why..
        24 isn’t good enough..(am cycling not running) somewhere between 50-70Kms is considered decent..


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