Places I want to see Part 2

Here are more amazing places I’d love to visit:

1. Bali






I’ve always pictured it like a “heaven on Earth” kind of place. And I’m pretty sure I’m not fa off. Bali is blessed with beautiful nature: endless sand beaches, tall cliffs, volcanic mountains, and green forests hiding flora and fauna that can only be found here. I just hope I’m lucky enough to go someday!

2.  India





Traditional flower's market in India, Calcutta.preview

As I’ve probably already mentioned, exploring different cultures is one of my not-so-secret craze. And exotic, extravagant, colorful, exciting India just has to be on this list! I want to see the flower and spice markets, to taste all the different and maybe a little dangerous for my European stomach foods, and I simply have to take a ride in a “tuk-tuk” 😀

3.  Brazil





Iguassu Falls


The Carnival in Rio could be enough of a reason for this pick, but there are so much more beautiful and enchanting places in this captivating country. It’s powdery white-sand beaches, pristine rain forests and wild and busy metropolises are waiting for me 😀

4. Netherlands






Amsterdam: Houses along the Amstel River



And now back to Europe. Tulips, windmills, clogs, red lanterns, bikes, gauda, marijuana, Van Gogh, the miniature city of Madurodam, edam, canals…it’s the Netherlands!


64 thoughts on “Places I want to see Part 2

  1. Itz good to see India in the list, n Kerala as well… (The house boats in Alleppey)

    I can assure you that you’d love India… I’ve been travelling around this great nation for years and I’m quite obsessed with it… It never fails to amaze me… 🙂

    Hope you achieve your goal soon… 🙂



    • It’s a good thing I was smart enough to save a little before I moved out, because I’m nearly broke now. But I won’t touch that money unless it’s a real emergency. Like no beer in the fridge or an empty stomach for more than 4 days 😀 I’m still very far from having enough in order to go to most of the places on my list. So I’d have to come with a new savings plan. Or I could wait for you to find that Picasso we talked about a few months back 😀


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