Back in business

Hey there,

I’ve been M.I.A. for the past few months and I’ve missed writing and reading all the super interesting, quirky and intelligent stuff here on WP.

So what I’ve been up to… I changed my job 2 times, I worked my ass off, I’m jobless now, I’ve traveled a bit, met some awesome people, helped my parents open a restaurant, met my new boyfriend, changed my hair (I’m a redhead now), laughed a lot, red great books, saw not so great movies and now my biggest and newest announcement: me and my dad got my mom a puppy. And since they are preoccupied with restaurant mentioned above, I’m the lucky one that gets to spend time with a 1,5kg-three-colored-bonkers-49-days-old Jack Russel Terrier named Milo.

So here he is:






I think I’ll be a little rusty at first, but I’ve gathered so many interesting things that I want to share, that I believe you’ll excuse my absence.

Nice to “see” you all 🙂

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