One Year of WordPressing


Ok, so I’ll try not to make it sappy, but I feel like I had this premonition or something because I’ve started writing again a day before my One year anniversary here on WordPress. I had a totally different idea about my post but I can’t just let this pass me by.

Some of you may remember but I started not knowing what to write about, I had so many ideas, you see. And wrote this “hello world” postΒ  along with my idea to commit to paper my views on cinema. But after a while I found that it doesn’t really matter. I could write about anything I like and there was no one here to judge me, just the opposite – people on “this Internet” are supportive and I’ve learned so many interesting and unconventional stuff.

Next stop was to give my not-that-good camera to my friend whenever I wanted to share my fashion ideas and then to overcome myself and start posting my so-called art. The more likes and comments I got, the more I was motivated.

I know I’ve stopped blogging for a while and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, I was just putting all my energy in my career (not that successfully it appears). But I’m not one to be discouraged. And it’s strange how I feel a lot like one year ago – full of ideas and eager to share.

So now I can wish myself a new year with self-developing posts, new ideas and great friends.

And here are some wise words from grumpy cat:



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