Kakashi dattebayo!

A short time after I met Martin he told me about his favorite manga/anime series Naruto and I was fascinated. I’ve always wanted to watch one, I just haven’t found the person to watch it with. And we started right at the beginning. We watched something like 900 episodes and he still asks me from time to time if I find it interesting…sure I do! It has action, great characters, some of them a little annoying (yeah Sakura, that’s you), enchanting storyline, cool villains and amazing cartoons. It can be a little slow at times but this only makes me want more.

As you may know I love drawingΒ  and I could not stop myself from trying to capture on paper my and Martin’s favorite character, the super cool copy-ninja teacher of Naruto Kakashi. Hope you like him πŸ™‚



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