The meaning of talent: Sofles

My granddad is an architect and my dad’s job has always been involved with something creative: design, construction works, executing exhibition stands, advertising, almost everything. I think it’s natural thatย I’ve always been into art. I even considered embracing art as my career choice but life got me elsewhere. However, I still love to draw from time to time and it brings me amazing sense of satisfaction. I also like to find new, or at least new for me, art forms. And my favorite is street art. I’m fascinated by the way people can transform dull walls, buses, trains and even trash into gripping and wonderful pieces. So, when Martin introduced me to the art of this artist form Brisbane I was totally mesmerized. His gift is simply spectacular and with every video of his that comes up I’m becoming an even bigger fan. So, ladies an gentlemen, with just a few of his masterpieces, I present to you the phenomenal Sofles:


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