Weekend dose of Churchill

I came to notice that since I’ve started blogging again I’ve showed you Churchill only one (here). And because he’s the funniest most adorable big fat puppy I think it’s time you see how much he’s grown up for the past few months. Moreover, I realized how much I’ve changed since we’ve got him. I’ve never been a morning person and I believe that nothing can change that. But now I get up not 10 min before I have to go to work but 1 hour and after the initial shock of waking up is gone I’m pretty ok with our morning walks. Another great thing is that now that it’s cold if it haven’t been for Churchill I wouldn’t move my ass out of the apartment. However, the best thing is when I come home from work and I see how happy he is to see me – that just makes my day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my boy πŸ™‚



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