Best graffiti artists: Banos

Considering that I don’t travel as much as I want to, and, respectively, I can’t share as much street art as I’d like to, I decided to start this post series. For the graffiti community this will be an easy and obvious choice, but I admire Banos’s talent so much that I just had to start with him.

An Australian, a member of VIMOAS and BGS, Banos made his mark in the European graffiti history by being one of the most productive writers and by making a considerable collection of metro pieces all over the world. Furthermore, there was a media hype around Banos and his accomplice Mckoy because of their stunt in Singapore that resulted in the arrest and sentencing of Mckoy (more information here). Whether people see graffiti as destructive crime representing an invasion of public and private property, a rapidly developing art form or an effective tool of social emancipation, I hope everyone is able to appreciate the talent behind Banos’ pieces.

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Banos Graffiti [ ] 09 banos_graffiti_mtn


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