Party like a British Prime Minister

2014 is close to its end and, at least for me, it was a strange year filled with many changes. I switched jobs, again, I cut my hair and dyed it red, I met some amazing and some not that great people, I traveled more than last year, I watched and helped my parents develop their restaurant and I learned a lot. There were some sad moments this year, some scary even, but I think I came out of them stronger. I’m grateful that I have my loved ones beside me and that I can pour my thoughts here on this blog. I’m also grateful that there are so many people interested in my thoughts 🙂 But if I have to put my finger on the best thing of 2014, it has to be the not-so-little-anymore white ball of love that is Churchill. And, respectively, I decided it’s best if I use him to wish a Happy New Year!


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