The path of loss


A few weeks ago I was ready with my next post and then I got a phone call from my Mom saying one of her best friends has passed away. Since then I couldn’t bring myself to write. I wasn’t sure if I should write about that here. It’s a depressing and very personal topic but I feel the need to share at least some of my thoughts.
Each of us has lost, or will lose, something dear. Not only that, but the grief that follows doesn’t come with a manual. People manage in their own individual way. However, I think there is one thing we all have in common: asking the question “Why?”. I think about my mother’s friend everyday. I think about her family and how grief can’t be measured, because I can’t begin to phatom what they are feeling. What it would be like to lose your role model, your best friend, your other half. And yet, I found that I also think about her courage, her amazingly strong character, her smoking on a terrace overlooking the Aegean sea, her fondness for jewels and her unconditional love for animals. And I find myself smiling. That’s when I realized how grief takes it course. You mourn. You adapt. You remember.


9 thoughts on “The path of loss

  1. i wish there was easy way but then also we’ll leave behind that part makes us human, living, caring, teaching, loving, …

    i think this is the easiest way i know, sharing or writing about it, not leting just yourself deal with it.


  2. You have my sympathies and condolences. I recently lost my uncle last December, and the suddenness left so many of my relatives devastated. Everyone copes differently & to their own schedule. Talk, share, celebrate their life, grieve their loss, listen to your heart. Take your time and your way to grieve, and hold on to those important memories. And share.


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