Friday finds

Hey guys! This is something I’m considering trying. As I love to search the web for new and interesting things, most often linked to my interests, I’d like to share these finds with you. And what better day to do that than Friday – I’ve had all the work week to gather some very interesting things. I’d like to start with these:

The first one isn’t exactly a find but I’d love to share it nevertheless. It’s a project I’ve been working on from the start of the year and I’m really proud of. So, if some of you want to discover the beauties of my country, you can and must totally use this website, whose content is my doing:

The English version will be online soon, so I’ll keep you posted on this.

My other shares are proper finds. An inventive shoes designer whose flats can be turned into heels in one simple movement:

And these super cute jewelry I found on Etsy and really considering ordering one of those. You know I’m a sucker for animals:


8 thoughts on “Friday finds

  1. I like the 1st project, is that full of your own or agency you working at? either way nice project to working on!

    others are girl stuff, i’m gonna pass those 😮


    • It’s a friend’s agency. I’m doing only the content and helped them with some of the tourism specific stuff. But the idea is great and I’m glad I’m able to participate. And it shows the many different facets of how beautiful Bulgaria is.
      I know about the girly stuff 😀 They won’t be all girly in the future, so I hope I’ll keep you interest 🙂

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