Art vs Hate. Bulgarian graffiti from A to Z: part 4

I just got back from a short holiday in the UK, but more on that in my next post. I was planning on posting the last part of the Alphabetic graffiti exhibition from there. And then tragedy hit all those parts of the world, so I thought it wasn’t the time to talk art. It wasn’t the time to share trivial pictures.

The initial shock has worn off a little and I thought it’s time to write. But I won’t write about politics, about sadness and loss. All of us have read more than enough on that in the past few days. And I myself will continue reading because information is vital in these trying times.

However, I’ve changed my mind on the post. Maybe it’s exactly the time to write about art. Because art is a form of love, the love of beauty, ideas, understanding, tolerance, appreciation and acceptance. And these are the things that will stand up to the black minds all over the world.

So here is the final part of the beautiful graffiti exhibition, which you can still visit till 22.11 in Mall of Sofia:




w 1








10 thoughts on “Art vs Hate. Bulgarian graffiti from A to Z: part 4

      • Scotland is a beautiful place, I used totake the bike up there and camp, never went to Loch Ness, stuck to the wetern side. Glencoe is eerie and stunning in a stark sortof way, for a reasonable sum you can island hop up the coast by ferry.


      • Good fortune with the weather, when it is nice it is awesome, but it can be a real downer sometimes, even in summer. I reckon (at a guess) that Autumn might not be a bad plan


      • yes, with the UK you can’t rely on the weather. you just have to keep yours fingers crossed and hope you’ll be lucky. but for Scotland, I don’t care if it’s raining cats and dogs, I’m going 🙂


      • I have been there in stunning weather, so hot i went swimming in a river to cool off, and when I was coming back from the isle of Arran, it rained all the way home, cold big blobs of it, so hard they bounced off the road back up to smack me right in the face, Arran is beautiful by the way, say hello to the standing stones for me if you go 🙂


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