29 and on fire

I had my birthday on Saturday and I’m officially in my last year beginning with 2. I’m guessing next year I will freak out a bit, but for now I’m feeling great. I got to spent my birthday with most of my loved ones and I had an awesome time. The best thing was my cousin was here and I haven’t spent my birthday with him in quite a while. I got to dance and laugh and eat great food, ok and drink a lot, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. No matter that I’m getting older. The thing is that I had so much fin that I have no photos from the last 3 days. But as I’m still celebrating today at the office I thought it’s time to also share my new fiery hair. Hope you like it!





Birthday business

So, it’s done. I’m 28. It’s actually insane how fast time has flown since this day last year. I’d have to say I’d envisioned quite the different things happening to me. Last year I was thinking “Am I going to celebrate with the same people next year? In the same city? Am I going to date the same person? Am I going to have the same job?”. But the best thing is that the present is better than I imagined. I’m still in a relationship with the most awesome person and the fact that I sill have butterflies in my stomach when I see him makes me feel hopeful for the future. I’m thrilled to take care of the ridiculous ball of joy that is Churchill and grateful to be surrounded by my amazing family and friends for yet another crazy year. And to be sharing my cheerfulness with all of you here.


To sum it up, thank you life for the incredible present!

No presents needed


Tomorrow is my birthday and my family, my friends and my boyfriend have asked me what I want for quite some time. If I have to be honest, I’m quite content with what I have. Well, my own apartment would be great, but I don’t want to be gready. However, I already know what most of my presents will be. My parents are looking for a new car for me (yeeeeey), Martin bought us tickets for London in March (yeey again) and my friends would probably get me a Dixit game (yeeey for those weeknights we don’t know what to do). As this is more than I’ve wished for, I was just thinking how our wishes change with time. Five years ago all I wanted was to go study in the UK. And shoes. Always shoes. Now I could’ve gone without presents. Ok, maybe not without the car, but now I prefer to give some things myself. Give effort in my work, give love to the people that matter, give more walks to Milo, give more time for traveling, give more energy in my blog, give a part of my resources (be it money or time) to charity, give lots of laughs, give my apartment a good  clean 😀 What about you?

Birthday week on Instagram

Sweet b’day card

Happy b’day

Even Obi Wan was at the party



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Cutest gift ever