Churchill on my leg

I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time. I even wanted it the last time I had a tattoo but did the Harry Potter one instead. And now it was time to finally do it. I have to say I’m even more happy with the final thing than with the one I envisioned. It’s Churchill, everyone,  and he’s gonna be looking at you every time you’re behind me. And I’m not wearing jeans, that is. Big thanks to Momchil from Anonymoustattoo Sofia.



Holiday “hype”

The holidays are gone, all presents are given, the hype has died out and people, including me, are back to their usual everyday lives. I didn’t update you on my holidays as, well, I just wanted to experience them. The best thing was that Martin was back and we got spent a little time together. I partied a little as you can see from the second photo. We had a blast at our company Christmas party. You can never go wrong with a Great Gatsby team, after all.

Beside that and a few more not so glamorous outings, I spent the holidays on different couches with Martin and Churchill – at home, at my parents and grandparents, at his folks, at a friend’s countryside villa. I just loved the total oblivion of it.

I won’t bother you with New year’s resolutions, as I think the hype should last more that in the short 1 week between Christmas and NYE. And I believe that I don’t need to change with the start of every new year. Change has taken such a big part of my life that I don’t tend to plan it. Life just doesn’t go as you’ve planned it, so I may just as well enjoy the unknown. What about you?





Birthday business

So, it’s done. I’m 28. It’s actually insane how fast time has flown since this day last year. I’d have to say I’d envisioned quite the different things happening to me. Last year I was thinking “Am I going to celebrate with the same people next year? In the same city? Am I going to date the same person? Am I going to have the same job?”. But the best thing is that the present is better than I imagined. I’m still in a relationship with the most awesome person and the fact that I sill have butterflies in my stomach when I see him makes me feel hopeful for the future. I’m thrilled to take care of the ridiculous ball of joy that is Churchill and grateful to be surrounded by my amazing family and friends for yet another crazy year. And to be sharing my cheerfulness with all of you here.


To sum it up, thank you life for the incredible present!

Time for change

I’ve been MIA since last year. Well, that sounds awful, it’s been just a couple of weeks. Still, I was super busy and I have to say I wasn’t feeling very inspired. The main reason is that for a second year I had to change my job right during the holidays. Not a very pleasant ordeal, I tell you. However. I’ve been lucky and I’m starting at a great place (I hope) in a week and my good humor and writing skills are back. So expect more of me in the new 2015!

give me 5

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Party like a British Prime Minister

2014 is close to its end and, at least for me, it was a strange year filled with many changes. I switched jobs, again, I cut my hair and dyed it red, I met some amazing and some not that great people, I traveled more than last year, I watched and helped my parents develop their restaurant and I learned a lot. There were some sad moments this year, some scary even, but I think I came out of them stronger. I’m grateful that I have my loved ones beside me and that I can pour my thoughts here on this blog. I’m also grateful that there are so many people interested in my thoughts 🙂 But if I have to put my finger on the best thing of 2014, it has to be the not-so-little-anymore white ball of love that is Churchill. And, respectively, I decided it’s best if I use him to wish a Happy New Year!


Weekend dose of Churchill

I came to notice that since I’ve started blogging again I’ve showed you Churchill only one (here). And because he’s the funniest most adorable big fat puppy I think it’s time you see how much he’s grown up for the past few months. Moreover, I realized how much I’ve changed since we’ve got him. I’ve never been a morning person and I believe that nothing can change that. But now I get up not 10 min before I have to go to work but 1 hour and after the initial shock of waking up is gone I’m pretty ok with our morning walks. Another great thing is that now that it’s cold if it haven’t been for Churchill I wouldn’t move my ass out of the apartment. However, the best thing is when I come home from work and I see how happy he is to see me – that just makes my day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my boy 🙂


DIY Pallet couch

I was planning to do one more Amsterdam week post as I managed to capture some great street art there, but some of the photos are on my cousin’s camera. And, the perfectionist I am, I don’t want to post until I have all the photos I want to share. So, while I’m waiting for him to send them to me, I decided I’ll show you my new home asset – a pallet couch that me and Martin made. We had the pallets for quite some time but we couldn’t find the time to process them so they could be turned in the couch I wanted. Finally, we transported them to Martin’s countryside villa, so that he could work on them in peace and he did a great job. He polished and lacquered them with colourless lacquer because we wanted to retain the natural look of the wood. Then we found a company that made us the cushions and this is the end result: a great looking, very comfortable couch for under 70 euro! I hope you like it as much as Churchill did 🙂


Summer mood

With changing my job (again!) and spending most of my free time with Churchill I haven’t had time to go on a vacation during the summer. It wasn’t such a loss considering the summer wasn’t much of a summer but still I found myself missing the feel of the sand under my feet, the sound of the waves and the unique taste the beer has when you drink it on the beach. So we did two weekends on Black sea at two of my favorite places – Burgas and Varna. Tha thing is that I’ve spent most of my summers going to either or both of these cities and every time the experience is novel. And this year was no different. Going by car we managed to make some trips that were so worth it and reconfirmed my opinion that my mother land is one hidden gem. You can see for yourself…


Meet Churchill

I’ve always been a fan of grumpiness. Grumpy is my favorite dwarf from the Snow white fairy tale, Grumpy cat is my idol and House MD was my preferred show for a long time. So it’s no wonder that after I lost my dog 2 years ago, I wanted to get a brachycephalic puppy. And what is better than a grumpy, snoring and altogether cute English bulldog. Me and Martin had the idea of getting one for quite some time and we even had a name for him long before we were ready to become dog owners. As a matter of fact we both clearly remember strolling in London in March and passing by Winston Churchill’s statue. I thought Winston would be a great name for our future puppy, but Martin had the better idea of calling him Churchill. So three months ago we drove to a nearby city and got our bundle of joy. And since I’m back here on WordPress, I think it’s only fair to introduce him. Everybody, meet Churchill!