Friday finds

One more week is gone and it’s time share what the I’ve found on and off the Internet that is worth sharing.

First stop is this the amazing London based artist Sarah from House of Ismay, who makes brooches from the pages of worn out books, damaged maps and unwanted scraps of MDF and wood.

Check it out here:

My other find is this great looking recipe for a no-bake chocolate cake, which I’d like to try ASAP, so I hope I’ll share my take on it next week:

And the last one is a cool band named Para Planner that me and my friend happened to watch on Halloween. For those of you that don’t live in Bulgaria, too sad ’cause you’ll only be able to see them on youtube. For those of you that are lucky, you can check them in Sofia, I think they have roughly one performance a week.

Here is their youtube channel :

And here is one of my favorites:


Kings of sound

I’ve been listening to all those amazing raspy artists for the past week and it’s time to share. Some of them are universally recognised and super famous, some are young and not that popular, but they have one thing in common and it’s their giant talent. These are my favorite performances by Kings of Leon, Ryan Bingham, Eric Clapton, Matt Corby, Michael Collings, The Heavy, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, 3 Doors Down and Noah Guthrie.  Enjoy!