Bring on the hype: Star Wars Episode VII trailer is here

As you may know from some of my old posts (here and here), I’m a huge Star Wars fan. And here I am, in awe, and nerdgasming with every scene and just overall filled with joy, as short as this trailer may have been.

I wonder what it will be like though. Dragging out the franchise or actually offering something new? The Star Wars Universe is pretty big, so there is potential.

The trailer shows that the new movie still has the symbols of the soul of Star Wars — X-Wings and TIE fighters and the Millennium Falcon. It also poses some very interesting questions.

Who is John Boyega’s unnamed character, springing from out of shot at the beginning and why is he wearing stormtrooper armor? Is he an Imperial deserter? Or has he borrowed a set of the iconic white coverings to pass as a member of the military just like Han and Luke in Episode IV?

Then there’s Daisy Ridley’s character that according to rumors is a Skywalker-esque figure called Kira, trapped on a desert planet and yearning for excitement and adventure.

In regard to the gruff voiceover that scores both Boyega and Ridley’s appearances: I think it’s a safe to say it’s a Sith.

All things considered, that’s a Sith wielding a distinctive (and much talked about) lightsaber. For now, his intentions aren’t clear, but if he’s anything like every other Sith in Star Wars history, he’ll either want to kill the movie’s heroes or turn them to the dark side.

The teaser ends with something more recognizable. As the Millennium Falcon tries to escape from TIE fighters you can see that the ship’s round radar dish, knocked off during the escape from the second Death Star, has been replaced by a rectangular model.

For me the trailer shows that JJ Abrams is no stranger to Star Wars. With The Force Awakens, the franchise has something new for a galaxy that was shaped in 35 years of filler material — it has mystery again.