Holiday “hype”

The holidays are gone, all presents are given, the hype has died out and people, including me, are back to their usual everyday lives. I didn’t update you on my holidays as, well, I just wanted to experience them. The best thing was that Martin was back and we got spent a little time together. I partied a little as you can see from the second photo. We had a blast at our company Christmas party. You can never go wrong with a Great Gatsby team, after all.

Beside that and a few more not so glamorous outings, I spent the holidays on different couches with Martin and Churchill – at home, at my parents and grandparents, at his folks, at a friend’s countryside villa. I just loved the total oblivion of it.

I won’t bother you with New year’s resolutions, as I think the hype should last more that in the short 1 week between Christmas and NYE. And I believe that I don’t need to change with the start of every new year. Change has taken such a big part of my life that I don’t tend to plan it. Life just doesn’t go as you’ve planned it, so I may just as well enjoy the unknown. What about you?








I had some trouble writing this one. I’ve never been a fan of the New Year resolution phenomenon. I believe that when you want to loose weight or quit smoking you have to start immediately, not wait for the New Year to come, or Monday, for that matter. However, these past two years were kind of eye-opening for me and now I have different priorities and different perspective on life, and I have some goals for the year to come. I started the quit-smoking-process 2 weeks ago, so that’s done, but I’d like to continue the trend. And on that same page, I’d like to stay healthier. Nothing radical like dieting and 24/7 hours at the fitness. Something like more exercise, long walks with Milo and Martin, things like that. As I’m still unemployed I hope this will be over soon and I’ll work my ass off because I seriously can’t stand the idleness any more. My other goal is correlated to the previous one – to travel more, here in Bulgaria because there are so many magical places that I haven’t found the time to visit, in Europe with a first destination London in March, and if I’m lucky enough outside Europe with something exotic and totally amazing. I also want to write more here on WordPress as I’ve found it makes me happy to share my mix of interests and my thoughts with others. I’d love to draw a lot, I have so many great ideas, and to work on my photography skills. I would love to reconnect with old friends and meet new people, have great parties, cook delicious dishes for my boyfriend, watch excellent movies, wear beautiful clothes and even more beautiful shoes, renovate my apartment, drive a new car, listen to great music and have and abundance of laughs.

All of these are not resolutions. They are not something I’ll check on a list to see if I’m doing well. These are the goals that I want to achieve not only in 2014 but in my life as a whole. So fingers crossed I’ll be lucky enough to set on the right foot and if I do I’ll make sure to share every experience with you!

The “new” year

I don’t know about you, but my 2013 was the year of the “new”. New apartment, new jobs..yeah, plural…new boyfriend, new people, new places, new business, new hair, new look, new doggy. And as the Christmas holidays approach it was time for a Christmas tree. But this year it’s not just any regular tree, it’s my first home-alone tree. I bought it, placed it on a stool, decorated it myself with the new toys I bought and now my living room smells of pine and comfort and Christmas.


My last week of 2012

Family Christmas

Opening presents

Glory glory Man Utd



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Snow tops

2012 was a very strange year for me. Every time I tried to make plans things came crashing down. The good thing is there always was another option in the ashes of my arrangements. I had pretty tough time with a big breakup and mostly with  the loss of my dog. Still, I had my friends right by my side to cheer me up and I can’t deny I had pretty fun moments with them. I’m grateful for these friendships and for my family for keeping me sane and on the right track.

This blog was another thing that I wasn’t planning and I’m so happy I did it. I found this whole new sphere where I can learn, develop and most of all meet great people. I still can’t believe how many people like my musings and find my works good and interesting. I just hope I manage to entertain you all during the next year.

I’ll stop with the rambling, that’s all for today. And for 2012. Have a fun, magical, amazing, unbelievable and awesome New Year. See you in 2013!