Don’t bother me at work..unless my next blogpost is involved

Getting back to work after a long vacation is like  being tied to a rope overhanging a tank of piranhas and then someone slowly starts cutting the rope. Ok, it’s not that bad, but you know the feeling. Returning to work after the holidays rarely goes smoothly. If you’re oblivious to the work pandemonium because you’re still in a time-off daze on your first week back, the jumble will start to settle in soon enough. Your to-do list has considerable proportions, the number of unread emails seems overwhelming, and your reactions to even trivial things is laughable. I’m grateful I have my friend Petya as my colleague and we find ways to distract ourselves from the office confusion. Like taking these pics yesterday:

Picture 974

Picture 956

Picture 955

Picture 976

Picture 972

Picture 946

Picture 978


DIY Skeleton key necklace

I saw this skeleton key necklace on Pinterest and decided to try it. It’s super easy and all you need is a skeleton key (duh!), nail polish and a chain or a cord. I love how it came out. Hope you like it too 🙂

Picture 931

Picture 928

Picture 930