The Golden Apple

…One woman had three sons. In the garden of their house grew a wonderful and beautiful apple tree. Each year, it bore only one apple, not a normal fruit, but a golden apple. But at night, when the apple ripened and shone between the branches so that the whole garden was illuminated, a dragon came and tore the golden apple….


This is how the classical Bulgarian tale begins. Now, there is a project of making the beloved story an amazing animated series. You can check the trailer:



Looks pretty awesome, right.

The fantasy animated series, inspired by Balkan mythology and folklore is currently in pre-production. As the people behind it are still looking for partners I really hope they’ll be able to gather enough funds to release it.

And here is more info on the project:



Thank you, Odin!


I’ve been looking forward to a viking film or TV series for many years, and when my wishes finally came true, I was very anxious that this production was going to be, how to put it, a total crap. Maybe that’s why I was postponing it in my “to watch” calendar. But after seeing the first three episodes I do not bother about that anymore.

I’m a big fan of the Nordic mythology and I consider myself a person with some historical knowledge of the viking era. Therefore, i couldn’t help but notice numerous flaws – but they didn’t ruin the story for me. After all, the historical accounts about those days are not totally dependable.

I’m very impressed with Travis Fimmel and I think the role of the legendary Viking King Ragnar Lothbrok totally suits him. He does a great job at portraying a physical and intense character, with that spice of humor that is the viking trademark from the sagas. The rest of the cast is amazing too. The most impressive thing, however is the look of the show. Photography, art direction and just the whole look is so lush and rich, it looks like a feature film.

I am very happy that this show aired, I just hope it continues going in a this good direction.