The Golden Apple

…One woman had three sons. In the garden of their house grew a wonderful and beautiful apple tree. Each year, it bore only one apple, not a normal fruit, but a golden apple. But at night, when the apple ripened and shone between the branches so that the whole garden was illuminated, a dragon came and tore the golden apple….


This is how the classical Bulgarian tale begins. Now, there is a project of making the beloved story an amazing animated series. You can check the trailer:



Looks pretty awesome, right.

The fantasy animated series, inspired by Balkan mythology and folklore is currently in pre-production. As the people behind it are still looking for partners I really hope they’ll be able to gather enough funds to release it.

And here is more info on the project:



Vigilantes are my new crush. Two shows that have the potential to become addictive: Arrow and Beuty&the Beast

Apart from being a movie junky, I’m a big fan of the magic of modern television and mostly of good TV series. I think my fascination started when I was a very little kid with “The Flintstones” and “ALF”.  Since then I’ve refined my taste and expanded my choices and now I’m watching like 10 different shows. Last week I decided it’s time to check what’s new and these two catched my attention.



I’ve always thought that a good pilot needs a captivating story that makes you feel connected to the characters in it. And the first episode of Arrow delivered all that. And more! This dark and gritty Green Arrow is a great one and you can see how what happened at the start has affected him and the difference is portrayed well by the other cast members. Stephen Amell switches aptly from being the fierce vigilante to the irresponsible billionaire playboy which is one of the many things that makes me think of Christian Bale’s Batman. I see a lot of potential and,  if the show continues to provide the quality it has shown so far, I can see it running a long time!

Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast

Some people are criticizing this because it’s based on the 80s version that, I have to admit, I’ve never seen. I’m sure there are differences, but it’s like book vs movie…it can never be quite what you have expected. This is the CW and the series are not going to win an Emmy, but f you are up for entertainment,  excitement, and a love story with a supernatural action twist, it really delivers. Jay Ryan is well cast as Vincent and I like the determined and ready to kick ass Beauty that Kristin Kreuk portraits. Moreover, J.T. and Tess bring a nice comic relief, and they are great supporting characters for Vincent and Catherine. So far as the story is concerned, I like that the writers concentrate on establishing the two main characters and their relationship. The cop part is also pretty enjoyable and it’s interwoven well with their interactions. I definitely will continue to watch it and I hope others will get hooked too!