A place to call home

I guess everyone has experienced the sensation to go somewhere new and to feel instantly at home, at peace with yourself and filled with joy. I love travelling, as you may know, and all the places I’ve visited have charmed me in some way. But there are a few I felt at home. And one of them is Greece. It’s not exotic, it’s not something unexpected, but the minute I cross the border I feel happy. I can  taste of sea food in my mouth, the sun on my skin and the clear waters of the Mediterranean or the Aegean sea spread before me. And being able to experience this a few times a year makes me very lucky, I know. And a few weeks back was one of those times. We visited Kassandra, which is one of the peninsulas of Chalkidiki and I’ve heard it’s very crowded and expensive but at the beginning of May it’s just perfect. Great hotel, lovely food, amazing beaches, astonishing views and warm people. I was glad that we could go to my favorite places, located on the other peninsula Sithonia, Nea Marmaras with the best tavern you can ever imagine Ta Kimata, Kalugria beach with the small pond where turtles live and Kalamitsi with the little island just off the beach and the amazing view of Mount Athos. If you ever get the chance – go, it’s totally worth it.

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