My last week of 2012

Family Christmas

Opening presents

Glory glory Man Utd


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Snow tops

2012 was a very strange year for me. Every time I tried to make plans things came crashing down. The good thing is there always was another option in the ashes of my arrangements. I had pretty tough time with a big breakup and mostly with  the loss of my dog. Still, I had my friends right by my side to cheer me up and I can’t deny I had pretty fun moments with them. I’m grateful for these friendships and for my family for keeping me sane and on the right track.

This blog was another thing that I wasn’t planning and I’m so happy I did it. I found this whole new sphere where I can learn, develop and most of all meet great people. I still can’t believe how many people like my musings and find my works good and interesting. I just hope I manage to entertain you all during the next year.

I’ll stop with the rambling, that’s all for today. And for 2012. Have a fun, magical, amazing, unbelievable and awesome New Year. See you in 2013!


Christmas dinner


My Christmas fortune


Vasil's Christmas tree


The art of opening presents


Dinosaurs rule

The family dinner is always fun but giving presents to my 5 year old nephew Vasil is the highlight of Christmas. Seeing the look on his face tearing the gift paper and listening to him singing Christmas carols is priceless. I hope you had a magical Christmas too! Now it’s time for more presents and more dinosaurs 🙂

Three trilogies for my Christmas vacation

I’ve got an early Christams present – a new hard drive. I’m thinking of  filling it with favorite movies for the vacation. Almost 2 weeks and I plan to spend at least day in bed watching movies and eating Christmas dinner leftovers. And what will serve my purposes better than a great trilogy. Here is what what I came up:

1. Back to the future trilogy


These great movies by Robert Zemeckis have always entertained me. Smart films with likable characters and an insightful screenplay that provide great fun that seems brand new even 25 years later.

2. The Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI)


I could spend a whole blog and a lot of time explaining how much I love these movies and how much they mean to me. I’ll just say that the trilogy was the first Christmas present I remember receiving 🙂

3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


It was the book that hooked me up to fantasy. This amazing saga that, no matter how many times I read the books or watch the movies, I’m blown away by Tolkien’s vision and masterful storytelling. And with the release of “The Hobbit” I think it’s just mandatory to see the Lord of the Rings Trilogy one more time.

So, these are my absolute favorites. I’ll be happy if you share yours 🙂